We guarantee the ability of a cleaned and inspected filter to be at its peak performance. With the dry clean process all debris is contained, eliminating environmental concerns. Our service is environmentally responsive because of our debris containment and your effort to minimize landfill waste.

Save Money

We make every effort to make your filter change outs as easy as possible. Simply put the dirty filters in the new filter boxes when you change out, place them on a pallet, and call us for a pick up. Monthly reminders by fax or email are given for the dates we are delivering and picking up in your area. All of this at 50% the cost of a new filter.

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Quincy, Illinois 62301

Phone: (217) 224-4143     

Fax: (217) 228-9387

Save Time

The cleaning process is the same every time, there's no guess work involved. Our dry cleaning system is the best available for both cleaning filters and the full containment of debris removed. Each filter is coded, labeled, logged and tracked on a performance spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will provide you with valuable information that could help the performance of your machinery.

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